Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy 23 Months!

Dear Hannah,
You are 23 months old today.  Just one short month away from turning the big TWO.  We have been working with you on saying two (and zwei) and holding up 2 fingers.  We are not quite there yet, but we still have one month to go.  You are learning new words every day and you have been putting two to three words together.  You are very good at communicating what you want and if you don't get what you want you will throw a little tantrum.
Apparently I take a lot of pictures of copy me all the time now and want to take pictures yourself.  You want to take pictures of everything that looks funny, interesting or pretty to you.  You use phones, remotes, calculators and bread as your camera. You will say "totos" and "cheese" and then you will say "Maus", because that is what I call you when I try to get your attention while taking your picture.  It is really funny!
Here is a picture of you using your bread as a camera.

You also really like to skype.  It is funny to me that you know the word skype......I was in my early thirties when I heard that word for the first time.  Oh, how times have changed!  You see a computer and you say skype and then rattle off all the names of all the people you know.  When skyping you like to give a cup of tea or an egg to whoever we are skyping with.  You also like to put stickers on their face, which are not always easy to get  off the computer screen.
You are obsessed with purses again.  You will carry at least two purses at all times......often you will also carry your shopping basket and push your shopping cart at the same time.

You also really like to put on daddy's shoes.....and try to escape out the front door

I love your chunky little legs!
You take really good care of your baby doll.  You sing and rock her to sleep.  You like to give her kisses, give her water and you put band aids on her if she gets hurt. 
You like to do EVERYTHING on your own except for sleeping.  You get quite upset if I don't let you do something on your own. 
You do really like to pretend to sleep, but night time is still a struggle.
You are a very happy little girl and like to smile and laugh a lot.
We love you very much.
Mama and Papa

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