Saturday, May 7, 2011

Zoo, Bunnies and Playtime

My mom, brother and I took Hannah to the zoo in Cologne.  It was a really nice and warm day and we enjoyed seeing all the animals and eating some ice cream.  I have always really liked the Cologne zoo.  They have an awesome area for the elephants and they just had another elephant baby a few days before we were there.  Unfortunately we did not get to see any of the elephants.  We are not sure where they is kind of hard to hide a bunch of elephants :)
Hannah really liked most of the small animals the best, because they usually moved around a lot and fast.  The big tigers, lions, giraffes and hippos don't move that much, so they were pretty boring to her.

Watching the seals being fed...the best seat in the house

Hannah got to play with our friends bunnies and she was in heaven.  She keeps talking about bunnies.....I think she talks about bunnies more than dogs now, which is hard to beat!

Hannah loves to play all day long.  It was nice for Hannah to have my mom, dad and brother there to play with.  It gave us a little break :)
Reading books with Volker
We made a flower necklace in the backyard....
I am finally caught up with all my pictures from Germany.  Next up is Easter.
Happy Mothers Day !

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