Monday, June 27, 2011

Musical, Recital and Popsicle

Hannah has had a few big performances the end of the school year Hannah had a musical performance at her Mothers Day Out.  It was the "Creations Musical" and all classes represented what God created that day.  Hannah's class was day 6 and represented animals (she was a lady bug).  It was really cute.  Hannah had been singing a new song at home and I couldn't figure out what it I know that she was practicing for her musical.  She loves to sing all the time and makes up funny songs (especially when I am changing her diaper).
Hannah started "mommy and me" dance class in February and she has loved it.  It is really cute to watch her learn some ballet moves and she is learning the french terms for the moves as well.  She loves to do a "plie" and "arabesque".  The recital was a few weeks ago and Hannah did great.  I was up on stage with her and we had a blast.  Hannah did make up a few of her own moves.  Instead of twirling around, she ran circles around me and instead of walking in a circle while holding my hands she decided to pick up her feet and thought it was really funny for me to spin her around.....she never did any of this during practice, only up on stage.  I don't think our daughter has any stage freight :).  We purchased the video of the performance and I can't wait to see it!
Before the big performance....
Still refusing to look at the camera for me....
Up on was a big auditorium and it was full!
Later that evening we went over to Debbie and Dan's to grill out.  The kids loved playing in their huge backyard.  The guys are trying to practice their putting with the help of all the kids.
Hannah had her first popsicle and I think she was a big fan.
I hope everybody had a great Monday.

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