Friday, July 1, 2011

Florida.....Beach and Disney

We spent a few days in Florida and went to the beach and Disney.  I have missed Florida, but I am now reminded that I don't miss the heat and humidity.  We started our short trip by a day on the beach.  Hannah loved the sand and water, but we figured out quickly that she can't be in the salt water. She broke out in a rash and started screaming right away.  So, we had to run back to the hotel to put her under the shower.  She did enjoy the pool though and just played in the sand.
First time on the beach
Clearwater is still one of my favorite beaches.
Testing out the salt water....
The next morning ready to go play in the sand and then head to the pool.....

Enjoying a daiquiri at the pool....
And then some ice cream.....
Back at the pool.....I know it is a rough life :)
Ready for dinner....I love this bubble outfit.
Next up is our day at Disney.

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  1. Could she be any cuter?? What great pics! I LOVE the pics of her little pink swimsuit with the tutu. So precious!