Friday, August 26, 2011

More Swimming, Wilderness Safari and First Movie

I am still catching up on blogging.  I have a few more pictures from my moms visit. 
Swim Ranch wrap up
This little girl has no fear of water.  Since completing swim class she does not want me to hold on to her in the water anymore.  She can do it all byherself (she is wearing a Puddle Jumper)!!  She kicks really hard and moves forward pretty good.
Riding on the turtle and going down the slide were favorites!
We have also done some swimming in the lake.......
.......and by the creek
My mom has been to Arkansas to visit us a bunch of times, but we have never taken her to the Gentry Wilderness Safari.  Well, it was about time that we took her! I let Hannah sit with me up front and she loved it.  This place never disappoints.

Hannah had her first movie experience.  We took her to see "The Smurfs".  She did well and enjoyed the popcorn, which is not a surprise.  She did not like the 3D glasses, so the movie was just a little blurry to her :)
Have a great weekend!

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