Thursday, September 22, 2011

Colorado Part 2 (The day before the wedding)

Last Thursday we spent the day rehearsing and getting our nails done for the wedding.  Hannah was lucky enough to go to the nail salon with all the girls while the guys played virtual golf.  She was extremely tired and almost fell asleep in her pedicure chair, but she really enjoyed it.  I sure hope she doesn't expect to get a mani/pedi all the time now :)
You gotta have a Mimosa with your mani/pedi
The bride with her mom

Hannah with her OJ
The salon had a couple puppies running around and one of them sat with Hannah.  She loved it.  She really wanted the other puppy to sit with her too.
Hannah picked out her own color.....a really nice red color.  Then she went back and brought me a blue color and said "Here you go Mama", then she went back once more and picked out a neon yellow and gave it to Casey and said "Here you go Casey".  It made me laugh!
Then when the guy started to put the clear coat on, Hannah got upset and told us (in words only I could understand) that wasn't the color she picked out!
Time for manicure.  It was a little challenging to keep her hands still to let the polish dry, but we managed.
That evening we went to the rehearsal dinner.  Hannah and Simon played under the table.....I am sure it was really clean under there.
And then they pretended to be asleep on the table.....
The entire family is looking at the camera
Bride and mom
Next post will be about the big day!

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  1. OMG!! She looks so cute holding that puppy!!! Get that sweet girl a puppy! :) I can't believe she sat still for her mani/pedi. So much fun!