Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Colorado Part 1 (Estes Park and Boulder)

We just returned from a wonderful trip to Colorado for Milo and Kristin's wedding.  We made a little vacation out of it and spent a couple of days in the mountains and then went to Denver for the wedding.  Colorado is just beautiful and we had a great time exploring Estes Park and Boulder.
View from our hotel in Estes Park

 We walked downtown Estes Park the evening we got there and saw some big Elk standing in the middle of the road.  They stopped traffic for quite a while and just hung out. 
 Does this not look like a statue?
Hannah kept stopping and posing and wanted her picture taken, but then she still didn't look at the camera :)
The next morning we walked up to the Stanley Hotel.  This hotel hosted Stephen King, inspiring him to write The Shining.  Part of the mini-series The Shining was filmed here.  We had beautiful weather that morning.
Family Picture (Hannah likes to put her arm around us when taking a picture)

Our travel buddies Matt and Casey
Then we went for a nice hike around Lilly Lake.  Hannah rode in teh stroller for a while, but as we were climbing it got a little rough and we had to carry her.

After our hike we headed over to Boulder and spent the afternoon there.  We walked along Pearl Street Mall and the University of Colorado.  We bought Hannah a Sock Monkey Hat and then we stopped at a little bar to taste some local beer.
In the evening we headed back to Denver and had dinner at Kristin's moms house.  We had a wonderful time in the mountains and we can't wait to go back over christmas.

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