Sunday, September 4, 2011

KC Visit

Hannah and I drove up to Kansas City last week to visit aunt Kerri, cousin Bennett and Smith and aunt Allison and Josh.  Hannah did wonderful in the car on the drive up and back.   I was a little nervous about making the road trip by myself with Hannah. because normally I end up sitting in the back with her on road trips to entertain her. 
I love watching Hannah and Bennett play together.  It is just so cute.  They enjoyed pulling all the pillows off the couch and jumping into them. 
We took the kids to Deanna Rose (a Farmstead) and they had a good time, but it was a little too hot out that day.  Hannah does not do well in heat......she gets a little cranky.

Hannah and Bennet enjoyed watching the cows, feeding the goats and fish.....
How cute are these two??????
We didn't even get to see everything at Deanna Rose, because it was just too hot.  I am looking forward to going back sometime in the Fall.  We had a wonderful time visiting with family.  Hannah always loves to visit family especially if they have dogs and cats :).  I am pretty sure the animals were ready for Hannah to leave.  She just loves to chase them all day long.

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