Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lost in Translation

Hannah has been talking a lot lately and some of the things she says are really funny. Sometimes she mixes german and english and it makes perfect sense to me, but probably not to anybody else.  She currently speaks more english than german, but still understands both.  She is starting to figure out to use german with me and english with everybody else.  I have been explaining to her that she is learning two languages and we practice the same word in german and english.  So, now she tells me that "Thank you is english and Danke is german" or "Bless you is english and Gesundheit is german".  It is really cute!
I have recently heard a couple stories about parents trying to raise their kids bilingial and "giving up" by the time they went to school, because they were surrounded by english only most of the day and it was hard to keep it up.  The kids are still able to understand the second language, but can't speak it anymore. This has made me a little sad, but also motivated to keep working hard at raising Hannah bilingual.  I would love for her to understand and speak both languages.  It would mean a lot to me.

Here are a few things she is saying (just for me to remember):
-Kuh go schlafen
-I pee pee potty
-Thank you mama (she knows when to use that)
-Bless you mama
-Sonne blendet
-Tschuss Opa, bis gleich
-Hannah knatschig
-Mama schafft video (she was surprised that I was able to turn the DVD on)
-Hannah Volker fliegen
She always talks to my brother on her play phones, real phones or remote controls.  The conversation always goes like this: Hallo Volker, ja gut, OK, tschuss.
She said "bye bye" to me the other day and I asked her where she was going and she said "arbeit" (work). 
After she is done brushing her teeth she looks into the mirror and says " See you later, bye bye" before stepping down from her step stool.
Hannah was just yelling at the dinner table tonight and thought it was really funny.  I asked her several times not to be so loud, but she didn't listen.  Scott then asked her "Yell if you want to go to bed right now" and she stopped immediately.  That made us laugh!
Hannah is still a very active sleeper and moves around a bunch.  She is on a Queen mattress (on the ground) and still falls off sometimes.  The other night we saw her fall off (on the monitor) and she looked around a little disoriented and then just crawled back into bed and went back to sleep.  It was really funny and probably the first time that she didn't just cry for us to come help her.

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