Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Busy Bee and Elephants

We were so excicted to celebrate Halloween with Hannah this year and to take her trick or treating. We practiced several times at our door on what to do.  We went to a Halloween party at Matt and Casey's house and Hannah dressed up as a bee.  I was a butterfly and Scott was a pirate.
Hannah jumping on the trampoline before we left
Such a cute little bee
Hannah kept saying I was a flower....
On Halloween Hannah carved a pumpkin with grandma Jeannie.  And yes she is wearing her princess dress, but that had nothing to do with Halloween.  She loves to wear that on a daily basis.
We also had dance on Halloween
And a Halloween treat....
For trick or treating Hannah and Scott both dressed up as elephants.  Love the costumes!  It was fairly warm out and they both got hot really fast.  Hannah didn't keep the hat on for very long and after taking it off she looked more like a little rat :)
Hannah did not like trick or treating by herself, but once we met up with our neighbors kids sher loved it.  She has a full bucket of candy, but she has only asked for it once since Halloween (and I have it sitting in the pantry).  She likes sweets, but I think she would much rather have a piece of cheese.

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