Saturday, December 3, 2011

Crystal Bridges

The Crystal Bridges museum of American Art opened on 11/11/11 here in Bentonville.  I have been really excited for this museum to open.  The museum was founded by Alice Walton who is an art enthusiast and donated some important pieces of art to the museum.  The Walton Family Foundation has provided a lot of the funding to make this museum a reality and Walmart has given a grant to make admission to the permanent exhibits free. 
This is a picture of the model of the museum
We have been watching this museum being built over the last few years and it is just amazing to see it finished now. The setting of the museum is just beautiful and the architecture is pretty cool too. 

Driving up to the museum Scott said he feels like he is going to Disney World and once we entered we felt like we were in a major city.  The permanent collection spans five centuries of American Art (I had to look that up again). 
Here are a few pictures of some of the art (it is allowed to take pictures of the permanent collection)
We can't wait to go back and attend some of the special events they will be hosting.  It is exciting to have a world class museum in our backyard.  We will be able to walk to the museum from the new house, which makes me even more excited.  They will have art classes for kids too.

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