Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

Even though it was a little sad not to be with any family on christmas, it was also nice to create some special memories as a family of three.  Hannah and I baked some cookies on Christmas Eve for Santa.  Hannah decided though that Santa does not want cookies, but wants eggs instead.  We convinced her that Santa would like cookies better and she was finally satisfied with that. 
Here is our final project!
Hannah's face was priceless when she saw that Santa drank the milk and ate her cookies.  I wish I would have caught that on video.  I think it was her favorite part of christmas least until we started to open gifts.
She really likes her new baby stroller and we have to take it everywhere now......along with a baby doll and at least 2 purses (that she has to pack everytime we leave the hosue).
Taking a little break for some hot chocolate
Starting on the stocking
Shaking it empty....
The breakfast of chocolate and gummi bears
She has been wanting a Dr Kit for a long time....
Giving daddy a shot
As you can see all of us had a very good christmas this year. 
Hannah loved playing with all her new toys and she didn't even want to finish unwrapping all her gifts.  She was too busy playing and kept saying "not right now".
Milo and Kristin invited us over to their house for christmas dinner.  We spent the late afternoon over there and had a wonderful christmas meal. 

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