Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Colorado Family Ski Trip

We spent the week before christmas in Keystone, CO with Scott's family to go skiing and celebrate christmas.  We rented two condos for everybody (I think there were 19 of us with kids) right at the bottom of the mountain.  I was really happy when I found out we could walk to the gondola (it was a little bit of a hike with skis on your shoulder and boots in your hand, but it was do-able).  This was my first time skiing in the Rockies and I was very excited to give it a try.  Unfortunately there was not a lot of snow, but we still had a great time and I enjoyed skiing very much.  The majority of the snow on the mountain was man-made and it was a little bizarre going up the lift and not seeing any snow underneath you.  It was not the best of conditions, but still worth it.  I forgot how much I love to ski!  I told Scott that we should move to Colordao in the winter months and I will become a ski instructor and he can watch Hannah.  Wouldn't that be great. Not sure if this plan will work out. Ha!

I am still collecting pictures from everybody, so I will update as I get them. For some reason I did not take a lot of pictures. Here is a picture from the top of the mountain.
I have to say thank you to everybody that watched Hannah while we went skiing (Thank you Jeannie, Irv, Kerri, Megan and Allison......I think that was everybody).  Hannah loved playing with her cousins and had the time of her life.  She is quite the performer and not shy at all.  She loves to be the center of attention and will dance and sing for you anytime.  Not sure where she got that from. When we got to Denver and were getting off the plane and walking down the jetway she stopped and did a somersault, clapped for herself and then got up and kept walking.........anything to get some attention :).

Celebrating christmas

On our last night we all got cleaned up for some family pictures.  We went to the Keystone Lodge Lobby that had a wonderful christmas display made entirely out of chococlate (from Germany, Belgium and Switzerland).  How fun is that.

Ice sculptures
We didn't have any snow the entire time we were there, but it did start to snow the night before we were leaving (causing a little bit of stress about getting out the next morning).
Scott and Hannah catching snowflakes

After dinner a few of us went ice skating and Hannah had her own sled.....it was quite the challenge to get a hat, jacket and snowpants on Hannah the entire time.  She hates to put on a lot of clothes, not a good thing in the winter.
One of the few times Hannah actually wore all her winter gear

I would love to go back to Colorado again soon and ski some more......maybe next year Hannah can try too!

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