Thursday, December 8, 2011

Haircut, Decorating and Fingerprint Art....Or Call It Randomness

We took Hannah to a place called Pigtails and Crew cuts for her second/first real hair cut.  We took her to the Harmony Barber Shop at Disney last summer, but when they were getting ready to cut her hair I panicked and only let them cut her bangs.  I was so worried if they cut her curls that they won't come back.  This time around I was a little more relaxed and actually let them trim her hair.  You can't really tell that she has had a hair cut and the curls are still there!
Hannah picked the Firetruck chair
Hanah enjoyed helping me decorate the tree.  It was my first time using deco mesh to decorate the tree. I watched a YouTube tutorial and thought it looked super easy.  Well, I didn't think it was that easy.  I think it turned out OK, but I was getting a little frustrated throughout the process and it took me forever.
 Hannah decided she needed to change into he princess dress to finish the decorating
The finished tree
Playing with the stockings
A few more decorations
I also made Advent calendars for Hannah and Scott.  Hannah gets really excited about opening a little gift every morning
We attended a Fingerprint art playdate a few weeks ago and made some really cute pictures.  My brave friend Julie hosted this playdate and had over 10 little kids running around in her house with paint all over their fingers and feet.  I wish I was this creative and could come up with these on my own (thank you Pinterest for doing this for me).
For some odd reason I can't turn this picture......

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  1. :-) Glad you enjoyed the playdate!! And would you believe I only found ONE toe print on my carpet that came out.