Sunday, December 11, 2011

Oh Hannah!

Dear Hannah,
You are such a funny girl and you make me laugh all the time.  I am so proud to be your mom and you just melt my heart.  You have been really good at saying thanks, please, sorry and excuse me.  When you say any of those words you can pretty much get away with anything and I am pretty sure you have figured that out already :).
The other day I let you play in the car while I was unloading the groceries.  When I came back you proudly showed me all the coins you lined up perfectly in my CD player.  I tried to get them out very carefully, but 3 of them fell in and who knows how many you had already put in there.  So, we googled to see what we should do (you are not the first kid that has done this) and it said that you have to take it to the dealership to take apart the CD player and get the coins out or you could ruin the CD player.  Well, a $180 later we can use the CD player again.  You have now promised me that you will never do this again and every time we get in the car you tell me that you will not put money in the CD player again.
I also wanted to document a few of the things you have said recently.

You have been using the potty a lot more lately and you always want to wear underwear.  I think you are ready to potty train and we will attempt that right after christmas.  You also hide in the pantry when you poop in your pants.  I tried to get you out of the pantry and you said "no, mama I want finish pooping".  The other day you asked for a cookie and I told you that we don't have any cookies and you pointed to the pantry and said "yes, mama there in the bathroom".  Great! 

You pointed at our wedding picture and said "Mama princess"!

You take off in your cozy coupe, wave at us and say "Bye friends.  I go work. Bye". 

When I ask you to go take a nap or brush your teeth you tend to say "heute nicht" (not today).

My favorite is when you say "Mama kuscheln" (snuggle).

You love to play in your kitchen and pretend to bake, cook and eat.  You gave me a cupcake and said "Nicht anfassen. Kuchen heiss" (don't touch cake is hot).

When we are going to see some of your friends you tell me "Nicht beissen.  Nicht hauen.  Nicht pitschen." (don't bite, hit or pinch). 

I asked you to come upstairs to take a bath and you said "No.  Ich trinke Kaffee" (I am drinking coffee).

Tonight you got hurt and while you were crying you said "Fieber messen" (you wanted to take your temperature).  After we took your temperature you were all better again.

You also go on a lot of walks to pick up grandma Jeannie and grandpa Irv in Iowa, Ashley in London and Oma, Opa and Volker in Koeln.  You pack one of your five hundred purses, put your baby in the stroller/shopping cart and start walking.......
We wrote a letter to Santa and dropped it off at the North Pole (they have the North Pole set up by the ice skating rink).  Now you write a letter to Santa almost every day.  You are asking for a Dr Kit, camera and Olivia book.
You are my little angel and you are perfect just the way you are!

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  1. Is it bad that I laughed when I read about the CD player? It's really not funny...I'm sorry it happened! She is such a cutie!