Friday, January 6, 2012

Ice Skating and New Years

Last Friday night we decided to take Hannah ice skating.  I was surprised that they actually had skates that (almost) fit her.  Oh and she did wear her princess gave her some extra patting.  She wears that dress and her princess shoes 90% of the time.  Scott asked her the other day if she wanted to go to the store with him and pick out another princess dress and she just said that she has enough at home.

Here she is with her skates on

For about the first lap she used the "walker", but then she decided she didnt need that back was getting really sore!
Here she is telling  me that I dont need to hold on to her

By the end of the night I was only holding on to one of her hands.  She had a lot of fun and kept saying one more lap.  We even suggested to go get ice cream and she wanted to keep skating......has never turned down ice cream before. She actually called it skiing! I will have to take her again soon.

We celebrated New Year's at Debbie and Dan's house.  We all had a great time.  Hannah and Simon made their own pizza for dinner (and once again she is wearing the princess dress).
This was the Las Vegas room
New York City room
The Rome room
Jenny and Dave brought over the bounce house, so the kids had a blast.  It is so fun to see all of them interact and play together (and fight).  Our parties sure have changed ove rthe years!
Hannah was a trooper again and stayed up until almost 1am.  I tried to put her down for bed several times, but she kept telling me that she was not tired and since she was in a good mood I let her stay up. 
The ball is dropping

Hannah making silly faces (this is after midnight).  She laso found Casey's shoes and put them on and started dancing.
Late night we played some "Minute to win it" games.  I don't remember all of the games we played, but I do remember stacking brownies on my forehead and stacking blocks on top of a plate on my head.  So fun!

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