Sunday, February 26, 2012

Spring Fever

This was last week
And this was this week

We have had wonderful spring like weather last week and we spent a lot of time outside.  Thursday after school Hannah and I went to Yum Yo's for some frozen yoghurt and then spent almost 3 hours at the playground.  We were almost ready to go after 1 1/2 hours, but then Hannah's friend Ella from  school showed up and Hannah did not want to leave.  Ella and Hannah are two peas in a pod.  They play well together, fight with each other, take care of each other and get into trouble together.  She talks about Ella a lot, so it was really fun for her to see Ella outside of school.

We have had a very mild winter, but I am still ready for spring and summer.  I am tired of wrestling Hannah into warm clothes, jackets, socks and shoes.  She is not a big fan of "winter attire", she would rather run around in her panties.  She also takes her socks and shoes off every time we get into the car and I am really tired of having to put her socks and shoes back on everywhere we go.  We are ready for t-shirts and sandals.

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