Thursday, March 15, 2012

Florida And This And That

We had a few more days in Florida and spent a day at Sea World and visiting friends.  Hannah and I went to Sea World and had a blast.  I have to say Sea World is still my favorite theme park.  It feels so much more relaxed even when it is busy and it is perfect for Toddlers.
Watching "One Ocean" at Shamu stadium
Taking a little break to play in the water
My friend Lisa and her adorable son Landon met us for the afternoon.  It was so great to catch up with Lisa and meet Landon.  It had been a really long time since I last saw Lisa.  I hope it won't be that long until next time.  This is the only picture we got.  One of the workers at Sea World was umping up and down trying to get the kids to look and smile and it was hilarious.
The next morning we met up with Hellen, Gracyn an Camryn Reese at the Mall at Millenia.  We played some at Pottery Barn Kids and the ate lunch at Chick Fil A. It is always great to see Hellen and the girls. 
Hannah and Gracyn were taking a nap at PBK
We spent a few hours in Lakeland with Tabitha in the afternoon.  Tabitha has been such a wonderful friend throughout the years.  We can always pick up right where we left off last time we saw each other.

This week we celebrated Scott's birthday with some ice cream cake.  The weather has been beautiful in our neck of the woods.  We have spent a lot of time outside this week.  The trees are already blooming and the weeds are sprouting in the yard.  I am so happy that we don't have to bundle up anymore (at least for now).
Hannah also started gymnastics this week and she loved it.  Now she asks me every day if it is time to go again.  Too bad next week is spring break.
Hannah is still in a Wee Tots class right now where I stay with her and participate.  Once she turns three she can move up a level and go in by herself.  She is already telling me now that she wants to go "all by myself".
Hannah had PJ day at school today and she insisted on wearing Simon's jammies (that we borrowed a year ago).  Hannah loves these PJ's and they sometimes become a great "bribing tool" for me (for example: if you brush your teeth you can wear Simon's jammies).  Works great. Ha!
Last night Hannah was taking a shower in our bathroom.  I looked over and saw her pretending to shave her legs.  She took the razor (without a blade) and put her legs up on the ledge and started to pretend shave.  I am always amazed by how much she picks up and think it is so funny what she tries to copy.
We were driving home yesterday and out of the blue she said "Sometimes you look funny Mama".  Not sure what to think about that.  We have some very interesting conversations in the car and I love them.
Hannah filled out a bracket for March Madness yesterday.  Scott asked her every game what team she liked better and she answered.  It was really funny and so far (after 1 day) she is 9 out of 12.  She really liked Montana, because it sounded like Hannah.  She also liked Kansas and said "Kansas City" every time.  She picked any "State" school and said "steak".  Then she said "you like steak Mama?".  We had to take several breaks while filling out the bracket, because she got tired of doing it, but we finished it. 

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  1. We loved seeing you!!!!! Can't wait until next time! XO,H