Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Who Says Rain Is No Fun?????

We have been getting a lot of rain for the last couple of days and are expected to get a bunch more tonight and tomorrow.  One good thing about living on top of the hill is that we don't have to worry about the flooding that is happening in our area right now. 
I promised Hannah that we can go play in the mud and she was really excited.  So, this afternoon during a brief rain break we went outside to play in the dirt and had a lot of fun.
And since moving day is coming up next week we have already packed up a bunch of stuff including our sand toys, so a Halloween bucket and some kitchen utensils will have to do to play in the mud.
Remember the cows we had in our yard a few weeks ago?  Well, they have left some presents on the volleyball court where we were playing.  Hannah was really close to scooping them up, but I caught her just in time.  Thank goodness!
I will miss this view!
By now it was really starting to rain again, so I had to put the camera up, but we continued to play in the mud and rain for a while.  We had so much fun!
Our matching rainboot came in handy today!

Now I just want to write down a couple of stories I want to remember.  We were supposed to go up to Lincoln, NE to visit Megan and Barry last week, but Hannah and I ended up staying here to do some packing.  Before we decided not to go I was talking to Hannah about visiting Megan and Barry and she said "And Charlie (their dog).  I like Charlie.  I put stickers on Charlie".  I was really surprised that Hannah remembered Charlie, but also that she remembered putting stickers on him last time we visited.  I can't remember the last time we visited them, but I know it's been a long time.

On Saturday morning I talked Hannah into wearing this cute outfit......of course she did not want to at first (she only wants to wear comfy pants/leggings), but after showing her the big pockets she was all for it.  Here she is loading up the pockets with Legos/Duplos.
Little did I know that these Legos in her pockets would come in handy later.  We were running some errands in Fayetteville and went into this used book store that is really big and packed with books from the floor to the ceiling.  This store has a lot of rooms with small and narrow aisles and just keeps going.  I was looking for some books and Hannah got away from me, but I cold hear her Legos in her pockets the entire time.  I think I would have lost her in that maze of a bookstore if it wasn't for the Legos in her pockets :)

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