Friday, April 20, 2012

Big Girl

Hannah reminds me every day that she is a big girl.  Therefore, we have decided that tomorrow night the paci fairy is coming to take all of her pacis to little babies that still need them.  She seems to be good talking about it, but I know it is going to be a different story when it comes to bedtime tomorrow night.  I have wanted to do this for a long time, but since she is still not a good sleeper and pacis are the one thing that help her go back to sleep on her own I have put it off for a while.  Well, it is time.  Wish us good luck tomorrow night (now that I have written this I can't back out anymore. Ha!). 

I love the conversations I have with Hannah right now.  She cracks me up every day.  She really likes to teach me things (or maybe she just likes to boss me around).  She was teaching me how to use scissors the other day....."put your finger here and then here and then you go like this".  When I cut a piece of paper she said "You did it.  Good job sweetheart". 

We are still in the "why" phase and Hannah always asks why it rains, so I tell her that the flowers and trees are thirsty and need a drink of water.  Last Sunday after a lot of rain Hannah said "Flowers are not thirsty anymore.  Flowers have to go potty now".  I love her logic!

Hannah really wanted some "macamole" (aka guacamole) the other night and I didn't have any.  So, she called grandma Jeannie on her play phone and the conversation went like this "Hey grandma Jeannie you have macamole.  Ok. Perfect. I come to your house".  After hanging up she told me she is going to grandma Jeannie's house, because she has "macamole".

I also love watching her interact with her baby dolls.  It just melts my heart the way she takes care of them.  She still tells me to be quiet all the time, because the baby is sleeping.  We went for a walk with her baby stroller the other night and we had to stop every few feet, because Hannah had to take the baby out, comfort her and put her back to sleep.  She would say "It's ok baby. Don't worry.  I here.  Don't cry".  She also brought her doctors kit on the walk and then she had to check her baby a lot, because she was sick.  Needless to say we didn't make it very far on our walk.

I went for a run yesterday and Hannah really wanted to go running too and wanted to wear what I wear, so I put on her German soccer outfit that my brother got her for her first birthday.  She loved it, but did not want to take any pictures.  So, here is what I got.

Hannah actually ran next to me for a while and she kept saying "I not sweaty yet.  I keep running". 

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