Thursday, April 26, 2012

Final House Pictures Before the Move

I realized that I never posted final pictures of the house before the move.  We have been in the new house for 3 weeks and we love it.  We love the house and we love being downtown.  We spend a lot of time on our front porch (part of the reason is that the backyard is not finished) and we love meeting new people and seeing friends drive by/stop by.  We can walk to the grocery store,  lunch and dinner, dance class, the trails, the playground, the museum and the coffee shop.  There have been days where I don't use my car at all and I love it.  We just got new bikes and I am excited to ride around town.  Hannah got a new bike from the paci fairy (which surprisingly went really well, but more on that another time) and she has been practicing.

Now on to the house pictures (we do have landscaping now)

The backyard is looking a lot better now too, but I still wanted to show the work in progress pictures
Kitchen (you can still see all the sticky notes with things that had to be touched up)
Living Room

Wine Cellar (still missing the glass doors)
Dining Room
Our storm shelter is behind the middle bookcase
Guest Bedroom
Powder Room
Master (the two brick colors are matching now)
Master Bath
Master Closet
I am loving having the laundry room upstairs
Black and White Bathroom
Guest Bedroom

                                                                Hannah's Bathroom
Hannah's Room
Theatre Room

This is what the front and back look like with landscaping
The pool is almost done
I am attempting a garden (the radishes and squash are starting to come up. Yeah)
Wow, that was a lot of pictures.  I love having all of my favorite pictures on this blog, it is so nice to just go back and have them all in one spot.


  1. Looks great Katrin! I heard that you met my friend Kyla. They love living in downtown too. See you soon.

    1. Yes, I see Kyla a lot .....I love being able to walk everywhere. We need to go for a bike ride.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous Katrin!! Especially love the fridge, master closet, master bath and playroom! When can we come visit? :-)XO, Hellen

    1. Come visit! We would love to have you.....there is a direct flight from Sanfoed :).

  3. Love that the wine cellar was already stocked! Priorities!! Ha!

    We love having you guys downtown too! And, I anticipate a lot of craziness on that slide... Oh man, Nathan will LOVE that! It looks great! Love all the landscaping.

    1. And I like that you caught that. We have our priorities straight. Ha.

      That slide wil be fun. Nate will be a wild man on that.

  4. What an amazing house! I can't wait to see it in person. It's gorgeous.