Monday, May 28, 2012

Once Again....

....I am really behind on this blog.  We have been very busy enjoying the pool during this hot weather, started swim lessons, went on a weekend trip to Branson, celebrated several birthdays, went to lots of park playdates, went to dance and gymnastics, had the last day of school and have been working on finishing the house.  I have been really bad at taking pictures and if I dont have pictures I don't blog about it :)

I am going to recap our weekend trip to Branson.  We shared a condo with Debbie, Dan, Simon and Oliver.  We spent a day at Silver Dollar City and had a great time.  We picked a perfect time, because it was not too crowded yet and not too hot. 
Hannah was barely big enough to ride the swings by herself.  She stood on her tippy toes when they measured her, but she did not need to do that.  This was one of those defining moments for me again when I realized that she is growing up way too fast.  She can now go on a ride all byherself, next thing I know she will be driving a car.
Then we enjoyed some rides with Simon
I got in on the fun too.....
And of course we had to end the day with some ice cream.....but getting three kids to look at the camera while eating ice cream is impossible.

We have completed two weeks of swim lessons.  I am so excited that we are doing this.  Danae comes to our house to teach Hannah, Simon, Oliver and her son Dax.  We can already see some nice improvement after a couple of weeks.  Hannah is turning into a fish.  She loves to be in the water and has no fear.  She loves to jump in and put her head under water.  Diving for the rings is her favorite part of swim lessons. 

Here are a few more things Hannah has said that I don't want to forget.

I took Hannah to chick fil a for lunch last week and the parking lot was jammed.  I was trying to get around the cars that were in the drive thru to get to a parking spot.  After I successfully parked the car Hannah said: "  Good job Mama,  I so proud of you".  Well, thank you!

Yesterday she was spinning around in her dress and she said "Mama, this is making me busy"

She has been saying that she is a princess, Mama is a princess and Daddy is a idea where that came from.

I love it when she sings in the car.  She is really good at making up her own songs.  She loves to sing Baby Baluga and it goes like this: "Baby Baluga swim so wild and swim so free, see the world, little white whale on the goat"


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