Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I always think that I am going to remember all of the funny things Hannah says, but then I realize that a few hours later I already forgot most of it.  So, this weekend I made it a point to write down some of the things that make us laugh.

We were driving in the car and I hear from the back "Mama you gotta watch me be funny" as she was making funny faces.

We were playing outside and both Scott and  were heading inside to get something and she said "Oh oh my friends are leaving me"

She likes to say "Oh dear" when something is not right.

She also has a great imagination and has some imaginary friends.  Not sure at what point I should worry about this :). Ha!  She likes to watch the show Olivia and now she talks about "my brother Ian" all the time and her friends "Julian and Francine" are coming over to play. 

When we have a dance off she says "good move".

It was my birthday this weekend and Hannah kept telling me that she is going to put her princess dress on, her princess shoes and she is going to dance for my birthday and I have to clap.

Scott ate some of Hannah's fruit of her plate and Hannah got really mad.  She said "Don't do that.  You are in a time out" and she sent him to sit in the corner.  I think we are going to be in trouble!

Hannah wanted to play in the car last night and Scott stayed with her to play for a while.  She refused to get out of the car and Scott was getting a little tired of it.  I walked out and he told me "she is driving me nuts, because she is refusing to get out of the car and it is getting really hot in here".  I asked Hannah if she wanted to help me water the flowers and she got out.  As she was helping me she said "Mama you are driving me nuts".  What?????  I don't think she had any idea what she was saying, but we really need to watch what we are saying around her. 

Some of her favorite German sayings are "das geht nicht" and "das schmeckt gut".

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  1. She is hilarious!! I love that she said you were driving her nuts! Ha!!