Thursday, August 2, 2012

Birthday Party Fun

We had a wonderful weekend celebrting Hannah's 3rd birthday (back at the beginning of June).  Hannah had a party at the gymnastics place with all her little friends and then we continued to celebrate with family and friends in the evening at the house.  I think this year Hannah really understood that this was her birthday, her party, her cake and she really enjoyed opening all the gifts.

Here are some pictures of her party at the gym
Her face was already starting to heal a little.
I only got a few pictures of the kids in the gym.  Next time I just need to hire a photographer :)
Opening gifts.....and I do have to apologize that I still haven't written Thank You cards. 
Then we did some swimming and more celebrating at the house
The super cute and tasty cake from Shelby Lynn's
Hannah was serving cake to all her guests
Cookie party favor
Thank you to verybody that came out to celebrate Hannah's 3rd birthday.  I still can't believe that she is three years old.  She is such an independent girl and wants to do everything on her own.  I do appreciate that, but it brings on lot so messes.  Even though I don't need to worry abot the messes (according to Hannah), because she will clean it up all byherself. 

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