Saturday, August 11, 2012

Picture Perfect

I had seen these really adorable pictures on Pinterest of little girls in their moms wedding dresses.  I decided I wanted to try that with Hannah and had all these great pictures in my mind.  I had to wait until our next visit to Germany, because my dress is still over there.  Well, we finally got around to our big photo shoot, but it didn't go as planned. Hannah was really excited to try on the dress, but when she realized she had to sit down in it and couldn't run around she was not so happy anymore.  Plus she still doesn't like to pose for the camera.  So, I got exactly 5 photos and here they are:
And she is done......
Even though I didn't get the images I had been dreaming up in my head, I still love the few pictures I got. 

And here are a few things our picture perfect daughter has been up to lately. 

We went out to eat the other night and ordered her chicken strips and fries.  She ate a few of her fries and then said that she was done.  Scott said "You didn't even touch your chicken", she then put her hand on the chicken and said "Yep, I touched it".  Very funny!

She ran into her rom the other day and started changing clothes, so I asked her why she was doing that and she said "This dress doesn't match my purse". Oh my!

Some of her favorite sayings right now are "You are kidding me" and "I know sweetie"

She picked a bunch of tomatoes in the garden the other day and she wanted to leave some out on the porch for the birdies to eat.  She stood by the window for a while waiting for the birdies to eat her tomatoes, but she got tired of it pretty quickly.  The same afternoon we went to Wal-Mart and she saw some birds in the parking lot and she said "Hey birdies there are some tomatoes at my house"

She always tells me that she wants to look in the "Fenster", which means window in German, but she rally means a mirror.  Makes me laugh every time.

I just love this age!!!!!!

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