Sunday, November 11, 2012

What Hannah Wants For Christmas

Several weeks ago Hannah started to throw a tantrum at the Disney store, because she wanted a bunch of things that she couldn't have.  I told her that she can start a christmas list and she can ask Santa for these things.  She was very excited (I am surprised she went for that) and I gave her a piece of paper and a pen and she started to "write" down the things she would like from the Disney store.  This has worked really well for us and every time Hannah wants something now she asks for her wish list (now I carry a notepad and a pen in my purse).  She will lay down on the ground (and yes she has done this at Wal-Mart a few times) to draw a picture of what she wants.  The other day I asked her if she remembers what is on her christmas list and she said: "I want a table cloth, a monkey statue and pizza".  Sometimes I really do wonder where she gets her imagination from!!!!!

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