Tuesday, November 20, 2012

This And That

I don't have much to report right now.  We have been enjoying the beautiful weather and have spent a lot of time outside.  We went to a fun play date on Friday and Hannah got to feed some chickens and turkeys.  The  kids had a blast running around outside.  They found a lot of things that kept them entertained.

Hannah is wearing the perfect attire to play outside with the chickens.....princess dress and Flemnco shoes.  Why not?

Hannah loves to watch "The Voice" with us and every night she asks if the singers are on.  She likes all the performers, but she is just as fascinated with CeeLo Green.  She says "Let's see what that man is wearing tonight".  The curly wig last week has been her favorite and she couldn't stop laughing.  Most nights she falls asleep after watching a couple of singers.
Hannah thinks these pictures are really funny too and wants to look at them all the time
Slowly her head went down
Hannah has been so funny lately and I have been doing a terrible job at writing down some of the things she says.  Every time she cracks me up I think that I am going to remember what she said, because it was so funny, but then I forget by the next day.  I do remember what she said after putting one of her headbands on my head (and she said this in a really sweet voice) "Awwww sweetest thing ever".  Where does she get this from?

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