Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Annual Christmas Pictures And Belly Laughs

Once a year I can convince Scott to take some family pictures.  We hardly ever get a picture of all three (actually four) of us, so I look forward to those family pictures. Myra Wike took our pictures a few weeks ago and I am so happy with them.  Hannah was not cooperating very well and did not want her picture taken, but you would never know that by looking at these pictures.....maybe the Skittles had something to do with that :)

I have had so many computer issues lately and I don't have all my pictures uploaded to Shutterfly yet, so I have been really nervous about losing some pictures.  That is another reason why I like to post my favorite pictures on this Blog, they should always be there!

Here are some belly pictures that Myra took (7 1/2 months).  I don't really like to post pictures of just me, but I love having these memories!

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