Saturday, January 12, 2013

Winter Fun

Hannah had been wanting to go ice skating for a while and I kept telling her that I cannot take her this year since I have a big belly.  She then said "How about Casey take me?".  She knew better than to ask Scott to take her :).  Casey was kind enough to take Hannah ice skating before christmas.  I am sure her back hurt the next day.  Thank you Casey!  Hannah did enjoy it a lot and to no surprise she wanted to be independent and not use the "walkers" or hold Casey's hand, but she realized quickly that she still needed Casey's hand.  After a while she did do much better though and was able to go by herself for short periods of time.

A few days after christmas we had our first and so far only snow.  Scott wanted to build a snowman right away and I was a little hesitant to go out in the snow (it just seemed so cold.Ha!) , but then I remembered that last year we only had one snow all season and I wouldn't want to miss that if we only had one this year too.  A few years ago Hannah wouldn't even walk in the snow or touch it and now she loves it.
Scott and Hannah worked hard on building a snowman
The snow did not last long, but it sure was pretty for a short period of time....

Let's hope we get some more snow this winter and we can find a spot to go sledding.

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