Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Family Update

Last time I posted on here we were driving to Little Rock for Evan's first follow up appointment since being discharged from the hospital.  It felt really strange driving back to Little Rock, passing the apartment we stayed at and walking back into the hospital.  I didn't think we would have to go back there for a long time, but since there was bad weather last week the cardiologist was not able to fly up here, so we ended up driving to Little Rock.  His appointment went really well and I am SO happy.  His vitals were good and his heart ECHO was normal.  Yes, they called his heart function NORMAL.  There is still a little bit of thickness in one of the walls of the heart, but it is of no concern right now.  His blood pressure was good too and they decided that they are going to let him grow out of the doses of blood pressure medicine (since the dose is based on weight the impact/effectiveness will be less and less as he grows and then we can just stop it, because it is not doing anything anymore).  Speaking of growing......he is gaining weight like a champ.  He was 10lbs 9oz at his appointment!!!!!!  He does not look like a baby that spent over 3 weeks in CVICU.  He is in the 75-90th percentile for height and 75th percentile for weight.  He is a big boy and I love it!
He has a follow up appointment with the Nephrologist in a couple of weeks to do another renal ultrasound to check on his kidneys.  As long as the blood pressure is under control (we are getting it checked at the pediatricians office every week) and he has plenty of wet diapers there is no concern about the kidneys.  He has been spitting up a lot more again, but it does not seem to bother him (it just means a lot of laundry for me).  I felt such a sense of relief when we left the hospital on Friday.  It was exactly what I needed to hear and I have been able to relax just a tiny little bit.  He looks and acts like a normal baby and IS a normal baby now, but it is still difficult for me to put everything behind me.  Every time he cries I worry about his heart and blood pressure. I know that crying is a good thing, but it still stresses me out right now. Things will continue to get easier.

Jenny took the below pictures and I am loving them.  Evan did not stay asleep very long and then he was not very happy. Jenny got some great shots in a very short period of time.  My friend Rebekah made the "miracle onesie" and it is just precious.  These pictures tell a perfect story.  Thank you Jenny and Rebekah.

Such a blessing
This is one of my favorites
My two perfect little miracles
Love this one
Family of four
Hannah is such a good big sister and tries to help all the time (maybe a little too much).  She is a little rough with him, but she just can't help it. She loves to mess with him when he is sleeping.  She says " I just have to give him a kiss and a hug".  I heard her say "Look Mama he is making funny faces" and I turned around to see her squeezing his cheeks to make a funny face.  She also tells me all the time "Two kids are a lot of work".....and yes she is right.
Hannahs teacher sent me a picture of her kissing a boy. We asked her about it and she just said "That's what we do.  We do it all the time."  When we asked her who kissed who she said "Ty kisses me and I kiss Ty".  Oh boy, we are in trouble.  Scott had a little talk with her.

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  1. YAY!!! Such awesome, awesome news!!!!!! :-) And, I am cracking up at Hannah's, "Ty kiss me and I kiss Ty" comment...oh my. You're in trouble!! ha!! {And, Nathan will not like to hear this...haha}!!