Thursday, February 21, 2013

Heading to Little Rock

Evan was supposed to see the cardiologist yesterday in Lowell for his first follow up appointment. Well, the crazy Arkansas weather put a kink in that plan. Due to the upcoming snow/ice storm the cardiologist wasn't able to fly in to NWA. The clinic was not able to reschedule his appointment and had to call down to Little Rock. I was really uneasy all day while I was waiting on them to call me back. I had been anxiously awaiting the doctors appointment. I really wanted the cardiologist to take a look at Evan and tell me that everything is still ok. My mama heart needed that. It had been two weeks since we were discharged and a cardiologist looked at him. I finally talked to them this morning and they do want to see him this week in Little Rock to be on the safe side. Otherwise we would have to wait until next Thursday to be seen in Lowell. So, we are on our way to Little Rock for  a cardiology appointment tomorrow morning. I don't really want to be driving in this weather all the way to Little Rock, but I feel so much better knowing that he will get checked out in the morning. I am hoping that the appointment will be fast and uneventful meaning that he is doing good. He is acting and looking like a normal baby, but I still need the confirmation from a doctor confirming that he is indeed just a normal baby. Everything is still too fresh in my mind. It is fresh in my mind that five weeks ago today we went to Little Rock with a very sick baby.  I stare at him all day every day and thank God that he is such a miracle and that he is here with us today.

I am excited to share some pictures next time.

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