Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Best Friend Hannah


We have become best friends over the last 11 months.  Ever since your mother found out she was pregnant, you and I have spent so much more time together.  Your mother had a hard pregnancy and spent a lot of time feeling sick.   Though I feel terrible for her, this may have been a blessing for our relationship.  Up until this time, I had never really spent as much time with you doing the everyday things that make you special as your mother always did these things.  Over the last month I have had more fun, taking you to school (even though you always tell the teachers that Momma makes a better lunch), getting you ready for bed, and even taking you to the grocery store or the park. You have the best imagination I have ever seen.  You can pretend you are anything from a pirate to a princess in a beauty competition and you always want someone to pretend with you.   Luckily for you, I also have a strong imagination so we are best buds at whatever we are pretending to do.   Somehow though it always turns into me being the kid and you being the mom.  I think you really enjoy bossing me around.  

I am so proud to be your father.  You have been a light in my life.  I cannot imagine life without my sweet little girl.  When I first became your father I could never image loving someone (besides mommy) like I love you.   You are so very special to me that I cannot even put my love into words.   You make me laugh every day and you are the sweetest little girl.

I am also very proud on how you are handling your new brother.  You love him very much and always want to help.  You seem to understand that mommy and daddy have to split time with you as the baby has a lot of needs.   While he was sick you and I decided to have our own little super bowl party in Little Rock with just the two of us.   I explained to you the concept of the super bowl and you loved the idea of a "party".   You told everyone at the hospital that "you and your daddy" were having a super bowl party and that you were going for the "raisins".   You were a little confused when I told you that the 49ers were playing the Ravens but it was very cute.   You cheered the entire game, and kept asking "which team is the raisins? I love them".  It's moments like these that melt your papas heart.  Finding your mother will always be the best things that has ever happened to me, but having you and your brother are the best things that ever happened to our family.  

Hannah, you are and will always be my best friend.  As your father I look forward to many years of princess shoes and tea parties.   I look forward to your first real day of school and the day you go to college.  I look forward to walking you donw the aisle and to you having children of your own.  Most of all  I just look forward to every day with my best friend. 
I love you,
Your daddy

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