Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Dance

We spent a wonderful weekend with family celebrating Allison and Josh's wedding a few weeks ago.  We are so happy and excited for the two of them to start their life together as husband and wife.
It was great to see so many family members and most of them met Evan for the first time.  Hannah was the flower girl in the wedding and she was so excited.  She kept telling us that her and Allison are going to wear white dresses and all the guys will wear swim suits......any suit is automatically a swim suit to her:).
Allison spent a week down in Little Rock with us when Evan was sick.  She is a NICU nurse and was such a blessing to us.  Words can never express how much we appreciated her being there with us.  She was able to "translate" for us, ask questions and explain so many things.  She spent a lot of time with Evan and she has a special place in our hearts for that.  The night that Evan was really sick she sat by his bedside at 4am and promised him a dance at her wedding if he makes it through this.  Well, Evan held up his end of the deal and survived.  It was now Allison's turn to hold up her end of the deal.  At the reception Allison got on the microphone to explain to everybody that she promised this little guy a dance at her wedding if he survived.  She then asked everybody to grab a loved one and come out onto the dance floor.  There were a lot of teary eyes in the room and a packed dance floor.  It was a moment I will cherish for the rest of my life.  Thank you Allison for such a special moment.

Hannah had the time of her life at the wedding.  I have a feeling she thought it was her party:).  She followed Allison around all night and she spent a lot of time on the dance floor.  She was still going strong at the end of the night and was the last kid standing.

At the end of the night

It was a beautiful day celebrating the love of two wonderful people.  It was also a very emotional night for me, because so many people came to meet Evan and wanted to hear more about his story.  I am so thankful for all of those people that prayed for him and care enough to want to know more about him, but it was hard for me to relive his story so many times.


  1. Your blog got a facelift! It looks nice!! Thank you for the nice was a perfect day and I loved sharing it with you all. Hannah was a perfect "mini-bride" and I thought it was incredibly sweet that she wanted to be with me all day...she likes being a princess and I hope she had a fun day. As for Evan, I am honored I got to dance with him, and I'm so proud of how packed the dance floor was in his honor. He is a very loved little boy!

  2. So sweet!!! Love the explanation of the dance. He is so loved!! :)