Monday, April 29, 2013

What Did You Just Say?

I find myself saying that a lot after hearing something Hannah said. The things that come out of an almost four year old are very entertaining to me.  She makes me laugh so much and I always wonder where she gets all of this from.  I still only speak German to her, so I know she is not getting it from me.  Hannah still understands everything in both German and English.  She speaks a lot more English now and it is usually her first choice, but she knows a lot of German words. She also mixes the languages a lot, which is very cute to me.

Here are some of my favorite things she has recently said.

I was working on putting Evan to sleep yesterday (which can be very challenging) and Hannah was playing on her own, but she kept coming into the room every few minutes to check on us.  Finally I asked if she wanted to watch the ipad while I put brother to sleep.  Her response "Thank you Mama.  I though you'd never ask".

We wanted to walk to the Farmers Market on Saturday and Hannah didn't want to go, so Scott tried to convince her by saying that there is going to be a band playing music and she just said "Oh like Usher or Cee Lo?".  Well, maybe not at the Bentonville Farmers Market.

We watched a friends kids the other day for a few hours.  They were both taking a nap and when the little girl woke up Hannah went right in there and asked "You want to come out of your cage?  Come on, we are both nice".  Apparently to her a crib is a cage.......

I took both kids to Sam's Club the other day and they have the big shopping carts, so I was able to put Hannah next to Evan in the cart.  He had just gone to sleep, so I asked her not to mess with him and she said "Mom, that is not going to be so easy".  She just can't help it and has to mess with him when he is sleeping.

I am pretty sure she says "Yes surf" instead of "Yes sir".   She also says "meed" instead of "need" a lot.
Some of her favorite sayings are "Oh dear", "That is serious", "Long time ago when I was a kid....".  She also likes to say "I am just cheating" and she means "I am just kidding".

We have been talking to her about potentially taking her training wheels off her bike this summer.  She was excited about it and said "Yes, let's see if Dave can do it".  I think it is hilarious that our daughter has no confidence in Scott's handyman abilities.

Life with a toddler never gets boring!

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