Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Heart Update

We went to see the cardiologist today for another follow up appointment.  I was so surprised to see one of our favorite doctors from the CVICU walk in (the doctors rotate and come up to Northwest Arkansas once a week and we didn't know who was going to be here this week).  He helped to save Evan's life.  It was great to see him and he was genuinely happy to see Evan.  It felt good.  I think Evan was happy to see him too, because he put on a show and smiled, laughed and talked the entire time we were there.  One of my favorite things about this doctor is that he takes his time to talk to us.  He walked in, gave me a hug and sat down to talk to me.  He spent a long time with us asking questions and answering questions (I had a huge list).  The best news is that Evan's heart is looking good!  His blood pressure is a little on the high side, but not of huge concern right now.  We cut one of his blood pressure medications in half last week and his blood pressure remained the same.  That was great news and a big relief to me.  We will slowly start to cut back more medication and the goal is to have him weaned off all medications by the time he is 6 months old.  That is music to my ears.  The doctor was really happy with the way Evan looked (weight and skin color) and the way he was acting (happy and content) and developing (he was very engaged).  I have been so happy all day and feel a huge sense of relief.  We will have to go back for another renal ultrasound with the Nephrologist next month and then we will have his next follow up appointment with the cardiologist in 3 months.  We need to continue to go to the pediatrician once a week for a blood pressure check.    I am so thankful for such a great doctors visit and I am so proud of our little man and the fight he has put up.

I am going to celebrate our good news with a big bowl of ice cream now!