Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Four Months Young

Dear Evan,

You are already four months old now.  Sometimes it feels like this time has just flown by and I can't believe you are already four months old and other times it feels like this has just been a really long four months.  Your hospital stay is a far distant now, but it sure is still fresh in my mind.  Not a day goes by where I don't think about everything you went through in your first 4 weeks of life.  I am so proud to be  your mommy.  You are such a fighter and a rock star.  Oh, and you are very handsome too.

You are a very happy and content baby, but you do struggle with sleeping (just like your sister did too).  You don't want to miss out on anything, but you do need your sleep or you will get pretty cranky.  We have been working hard at your nap and night time routine.  Unfortunately you don't like to nap in your bed. You will nap exactly 30min in your bed every time.  I am always amazed how you make it 30min on the dot.  You sleep pretty good in your bed at night, but just don't like to nap in it.  Your favorite spot to nap is in the Ergo carrier.  We are blessed with two kids that don't like to sleep.

You love your big sister and she loves you very much.  She can always make you smile, but you also enjoy your peace and quiet when she is at school.  She just can't help it but to mess with you every chance she gets.  Your eyes get really big when you hear her come......I am sure that is not always excitement.  She loves to take care of you and helps me change your diaper and give you a bath.  She also likes to entertain you.  You were in your jumperoo the other day while I was showering and I asked Hannah to watch you and play with you.  Well, she started dancing for you and then I look over and she took off her clothes and was still dancing.  When I asked her what she was doing she said "he thinks it's funny when I dance like this".

You also really like "Patty cake, patty cake", it makes you smile and laugh out loud every time.  Your smile brightens up a room and it makes me very happy to see you smile.
We are so grateful to have you here with us today and look forward to spoiling you for many more years.

You still have pretty bad reflux and spit up a lot.  It doesn't seem to bother you and you are a "happy spitter".  I am always surprised by how much weight you are putting on with all of this spitting up.  You were 14lbs14oz at your last cardiology appointment at 3 months and 10days.

We love you to the moon and back!

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