Wednesday, May 8, 2013

One Medication Down

I am so happy to document that we cut one of Evan's blood pressure medications yesterday.  We cut the dose in half 3 weeks ago and his blood pressure has remained stable (a little on the high side, but not of huge concern right now).  I received the call yesterday from his Nephrologist to cut out this medication (Captopril) completely.  We will have to get his blood pressure checked tomorrow and next week and are praying that it remains stable.  I am really hoping that we can keep him off this medication.  It makes me really happy.  I am always so nervous about all the medication that has been pumped into his little body, so this is a huge step in the right direction. 
Next step would be to wean him off his second blood pressure medication (Propanolol).  They don't want to rush it and take it slow, since he was so hypertensive.  It is going to be up to his cardiologist to  make the call on this medication.  He will remain on baby Aspirin for right now (as a blood thinner) and his Prevacid (for his reflux). 

This little sweet face has really been struggling in the napping department.  He will only sleep for 30min in his bed, but that is clearly not enough.  I spend half of my life trying to get him to nap right now and by late afternoon we are both exhausted and I end up putting him in the Ergo.  He will sleep in there for hours.  I know that is not a longterm solution and we are working hard on getting him to sleep in his bed, but it has been challenging. 

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  1. AWESOME news!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!

    {on the medicine...not so awesome about the sleeping... so sorry you're still struggling with that!!}