Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday Randoms

I had this post titled "Mid-week Randoms" at first, but then I realized it's already Thursday.  Holiday weeks always throw me off.  I have been off by a day all week.

- Hannah gets so excited when Evan does something new or when he plays with his toys.  She always says "Good job buddy" and her new favorite is "Mama, he learned a new trick".  He started to play with his own feet and Hannah thinks that is pretty funny.
-Ever since Allison's wedding Hannah talks about getting married a lot.  And she always asks when Allison and Josh are getting married again......she wants to wear a pretty dress again and dance all night.  She told me on several occasions that she is going to marry cousin Bennett and that Ellen is the flower girl and Ty the "ring barrel".  Then she said that she will "marry a lot".....
-Hannah got a big girl hair cut last weekend.  I sent Scott to get her hair cut.  I do have to admit I was a little nervous, but it turned out so cute.  It makes her look a lot older, but it is so much easier to manage. She hates brushing her hair and it was always very tangled and she never wanted me to fix it anyway.  So, now she has a really cute bob.
-Evan was a really smiley boy on Saturday morning.  Scott took the kids to the Farmers market while I worked out.  He sent me tho picture and it just made my heart happy.  I have stared at this picture a lot of times.
-We took Evan to the doctor for his 4 months check-up last week.  His eczema was really flared up (and had been bad for a few weeks and I tried to treat it with oatmeal baths and lotions) and the doctor suspected that had something to do with him not sleeping well.  He told me to give him an antihistamine and put some cortizone cream on it.  He has been sleeping so much better since then and he hasn't scratched up his face.  Poor guy was just itching like crazy.  We are now trying to figure out his trigger points for the eczema.  I cut out dairy to see if that will make it better (you know how much I love ice cream, so this is not easy, but very worth it if in fact that is causing his flare ups).
-I have been making an effort to eat more clean (cutting out preservatives and anything artificial).  I have been reading a lot of articles and a lot of food labels.  It is a little overwhelming trying to figure out what to avoid, but we have made a few changes.  Overall we are not doing bad, but there is always room for improvement.  Going grocery shopping with two kids while you are trying to read all food labels is quite challenging:).  It is not easy to avoid all of this artificial stuff.
-The weather has been nice enough to swim a few times.  Hannah is still a little fish and would swim all day if she could.  Evan really likes the pool as well.  I think we may have another fish on our hands.  I am excited for Hannah to start swim lessons again next week.  She always wants to practice her swimming, which makes me very happy.

-I am sitting here typing this as I am watching the weather, because we are under a severe weather watch again.  Just now the tornado sirens are going off, so I better go.

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