Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hannah's Party

Here are a few more pictures of Hannah's fourth birthday party.  I know we had a lot of fun and hope that everybody else enjoyed it just as much.  We swam, bounced, jumped, had lots of snacks, a pinata, BBQ from Big Rub BBQ food truck and cake. 

The tacos from the food truck were a big hit
Cake time

The pinata was a lot of fun, but quite's not easy to tell a bunch of kids to stay out of reach of the bat when there is candy involved. Do you like how we just tied it to a broomstick?  
She was still not ready to go to bed at the end of the night

Hannah is already planning her next birthday and wants to have a Olivia theme.  She does not think its too early to start the planning process.

On a different note I wanted to document a few things Hannah has recently said.  I told her last week that we need to find a gift for daddy for Father's day.  She asked me what that is and I explained it to her and asked her if she remembered when they picked out a gift for me for Mother's day.  A few minutes later she came up to me and asked "Mama, is there a kids Mother's day?".  Dear Hannah I am pretty sure every day is kids Mother's day.
When Hannah says or does something I have never seen her say or do before I always ask her where she got that from and she always says "I learned it up".
Hannah has watched me do a lot of squats, planks, push ups and lunges lately.  Sometimes she works out with me and comes up with her own movements.  After doing a few squats she said "Oh man my legs are getting tired". She was doing some sort of jumping jack with Scott the other night and said "Whew, working out is hard"

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