Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Little Man Is 5 Months Old

Our little man is already 5 months old.  He is such a sweet little boy and he has brought a lot of joy (and sleepless nights) to our family.  All of his follow up appointments have gone really well and we are so proud of him.  His blood pressure has remained stable with one medication.  The goal is still to have him weaned off all medications by the time he is 6 months old (he is still on one blood pressure medication, baby aspirin, prevacid and an antihistamine).  His eczema has been flaring up a lot and they have performed some allergy testing, but everything has come back negative.  So, now he is supposed to go see an allergist and I am trying to figure out his trigger points by process of elimination.

He has turned from his tummy to his back a few times now.  Scott has never seen it and doesn't quite believe me that it has happened.  He is doing a lot better with tummy time now.  He likes to put his toes in his mouth now and Hannah thinks that is pretty funny.  It is so special to see how he reacts to Hannah.  She can make him laugh like nobody else can.  She tries to teach him a lot of things.  She shows him how to roll over, walk, jump, swim and play games.

His napping still has not improved and his night time sleeping has been very hit or miss.  I do believe that his eczema is bothering him, because he has been scratching up his face again at night. We are just blessed with two kids that don't like to sleep.  He is a big boy and weighs 17 lbs already.  He was in the 90th percentile for heights and 75th percentile for weight at his 4 months check up.
He really enjoys swimming in the pool, reading books, singing songs, jumping in the jumperoo and playing with some rattles and other things he can hold on to.  He also likes to be silly:)
It's only been 5 months, but we can't even remember life without this sweet little boy.

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