Monday, October 14, 2013

Evan 7, 8 and 9 Months Update and Scott 2 Months

Oh what a year it has been.  Evan, you are 9 months old today.  I have neglected to post your updates the last couple of months with everything that has been going on and everything is a blur to me.  Your world was turned upside down too on August 14th when daddy went to the hospital.  You had just started some separation anxiety and did not like to be away from me.  You were passed around to a lot of different people for a while and had no schedule or routine.  It was really hard for me knowing that you were not happy.  We have a much better routine now and you are a lot more well balanced again.  You are still not a good napper, but your night time sleep has finally been good.
What else have you been up to over the last few months?  You are sitting completely unsupported.  You are finally rolling over both ways and get around pretty good.  You get on all fours and want to crawl so bad, but are not quite there yet.  You can move to a sitting position from your back.  You have 5 teeth and I am pretty sure you have another one coming right now.  Your hair is really starting to come in.

You are such a sweet little boy and I cannot believe that you are 9 months old now.  You are getting so big and have done so wonderful and we are very lucky that you are with us.  There is not one day that goes by that I thank the Lord for your healthy heart.  It has been a challenging year for our family, but I take one look at you and know how blessed we are to have you.

7 Months
8 Months
Big sister always wants to get in on the fun
9 Months

Today also marks the day that Scott has been in the hospital for two months.  It's been a long two months, but I am just so happy that the worst is behind us.  I will never forget the really bad days, but my mind does block out some of the bad stuff and I am focused on the positive developments.  It wasn't very long ago that Scott was on a ventilator and not able to communicate, move anything besides his head (no facial muscles though) or to close his eye lids and was really out of it.  Today his personality and sense of humor are back, he can move his arms and upper body and he was able to stand between the parallel bars with the help of only one therapist.  We have no idea how much longer his recovery will be, but we are so hopeful that it will go faster than expected.  He is working really hard and pushing himself.  He also really wants to win the outstanding patient award and I think he may start a campaign soon:)

His sticker says "World's best patient" and Hannah's says "Nurse in training".  These two make quite the team.

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