Monday, November 18, 2013

10 Months

Can you believe this little guy is 10 months old?  I sure can't. 

He has become such a busy body and is into everything.  He is crawling and that has made him so much happier.  He can finally get to where he wants to go and doesn't get frustrated anymore.  He pulls up on everything and bonks his head a lot in the process.  He loves to stand up (the toilet and the bathtub are two of his favorite places to pull up on).  You love to open the cabinets and pull everything out.  We are going to need to baby proof the house ASAP when we get home.

I find him in this position very often.....getting ready to pull everything out of cabinet

He is a big boy and weighed 21lbs 6oz and was 29 3/4 inches long on October 29th.  He is a sweet little boy and has the best belly laugh.  Hannah is the only one that gets him to laugh all the time.  I love watching them interact, it just melts my heart.  

We think he is going to be all boy.  He is a lot rougher than Hannah was and he just loves to bang everything together or against the wall and he never sits still anymore.  After he hurts himself on something he cries for a minute and then goes right back to it again (for example doors or drawers).  He does not really like to read books, because he just wants to eat them or bang them against the floor.  

He loves to feed himself and prefers table food over baby food.  He loves to chew on a piece of bread and will sit there forever, content as could be just slobbering all over it:).  

He is very talkative and loves to just make all kinds of sounds especially in the car seat. 

It is so funny he always starts clapping when we say "yeah"!

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  1. So cute Katrin...reminds me so much of my family! Alex is 13 months now and is in to everything you describe! Been praying for your family & Scott...2013 has been a tough year for you all...praying 2014 is smooth sailing! -Jen (Etsy - pink grapefruitdesign shop)