Monday, December 2, 2013


We had a wonderful time celebrating Thanksgiving last week.  Amy and the boys came into town to spend the holiday with us.  We pre-ordered a Thanksgiving feast from HyVee and that was the best decision we ever made:).  The food was really good and it was so much easier and hardly any clean up.

We have so much to be thankful for this year.  It has been a crazy year for us and I can't believe that it is already December.  Don't get me wrong I have spent some of my longest days of my life during this year, but on the other hand it has also flown by.  We have spent almost half the year in a different city at a hospital (Little Rock with Evan and Kansas City and Lincoln with Scott).  We haven't been home since August.  Yes, we are ready to head home, but we are just so thankful that we were able to be together as a family during these difficult times.  Home truly is where the heart is.  I am ready to give up apartment living though.  I don't mind the space at all, but the noise from the people above us is tough:).

We are so thankful that Scott continues to make great progress.  He is walking with one cane now and can even go without a cane for a while.  Pushing Evan's stroller is actually great for him.  It gives him the stability he needs and he is walking more "natural" than with a cane.  He still experiences a lot of pain and we are hoping that will subside soon.  He hit 29 cones during his simulated driving test last week, so he probably won't be driving anytime soon:).

We are so thankful for the support we have received from friends and family.  It is amazing to see how people come together in time of need.  It has made us want to be better people and help others out more.  The generosity of everybody around us is very humbling.

Evan being sick when he was born and Scott's illness has changed our lives forever.  We have learned that it is important to be thankful every day.  We are thankful for big and small things.  We don't take everything for granted anymore.  We try not to let little things stress us out.  We are thankful for the life we have.

We are thankful for the incredible people we have met during our journey.  I admire the nurses, doctors and therapists.  I know I could not do their job.  I admire the strength of the other patients we have met. Some of the stories are so heartbreaking and we are thankful that we are seeing so much good progress with Scott's recovery.

And of course we are so thankful for these two little turkeys:).  These two have given me so much strength (which is kind of funny to say, because most days they wear me out and I am exhausted) during the last few months.  They gave me lots of reasons to smile during the dark and difficult days.  


  1. You all are such a remarkable family and I am so glad that you have shared with us through your helps us appreciate the small, day to day blessings!
    love you!
    Pat & Tony

  2. I am so very blessed to call you friends. Love you all.