Thursday, November 14, 2013

What The Rest Of The Family Has Been Up To...

I haven't had a chance to post many pictures lately, so here we go......

We visited the pumpkin patch a few times on a beautiful morning

We visited the Lincoln Children's museum and played and played
During Scott's first time to leave the hospital he bought Hannah a little fish tank.....the newest members of our family.  The only problem is that the tank is a little too small for 3 goldfish, so I have to clean it every day.
Aunt Ashley came to visit for a few days and she had a birthday earlier last month, so Hannah planned a party for her.  She was super excited and picked out a cake to bake, picked out balloons and a gift.
Here is her masterpiece of a cake.....
Little diva is getting ready for the cold weather here in Nebraska
We celebrated Halloween.  Hannah had a party at school in the morning, then she trick or treated at the hospital and then again at night.  It was a busy day! Sad thing is I don't have any pictures of Hannah in her witch costumes.
Scott and Evan made lots of people smile at the hospital with their costumes.
The man in the yellow hat and curious George
Cute little monkey....
Silly boy

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