Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Book and Family Update

My friends Jennifer and Kelli made this very special book for Scott.  I sent pictures and stories of the kids to them during Scott's time in the ICU and they made it into a beautiful book including sports scores and other happenings. That entire time is a blur to all of us, so it is so nice to have these memories preserved in a book and for Scott to not feel like he missed out on the kids life.  Thank you so much Jennifer and Kelli!  We love the book and it means a lot to us.

Scott was discharged from the hospital on Thursday and moved in with us into a new apartment.  He was sent home with some equipment (wheelchair, walker, shower chair ect) and we are managing quite well.   He received the Spirit Award upon his discharge from the nursing and therapy teams.  I am so proud of him for always keeping a positive attitude and making other people smile.  Scott will start the rehab day program on Monday. He will still spend most of the day at the hospital, but will be able to come home to us after his therapies.  Scott will need to do this program for 4-5 weeks.  After that we will hopefully be Arkansas bound again in time for christmas.  It has been so nice to have Scott home with us.  No more back and forth 4-5 times every day.  We feel a lot more settled already.  The kids are so happy to have him here and he has been able to get on the floor with them to play.

This journey has been incredible hard for Scott and the rest of the family and has changed our life, but has also been very inspiring.  You learn a lot about yourself and your family and realize what matters most in life.  We have heard lots of heartbreaking stories from other patients and met some incredibly strong people.  We have also made new friends along the way that will always be special to us.  We have come across some fantastic doctors, nurses and therapists that are changing peoples lives.  We have been very humbled by the support and outreach from friends and family.

Here are a few Hannah stories that I don't want to forget:

I got some new leopard print shoes a few weeks back and on the first day I was wearing them Hannah said "Mom your cheetah shoes are really fast"

Hannah calls physical therapy "Physipal perapy"

Evan had a fever a few weeks back and the next day Hannah felt his head everywhere and said"he still has a fever right here"

Hannah was drawing one morning and said "I was going to draw a home, but that didn't work out, so I drawed a whale"

We took the kids to Boo at the Zoo (Scott was able to leave the hospital for this and join us).  Hannah was super excited and kept booing the (few) animals we saw.  Afterwards she said "I had so much fun. I didn't know there was going to be trick or treating, I thought I just get to boo the animals"

Hannah keeps telling everybody we meet that "our husband is at Donna".......the hospital is called Madonna.

We had dinner at Megan's a while back and Hannah was not listening at all and just kept doing what she wanted to do.  I had to constantly get on to her and then she said "Is it hard being a mom?"

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