Tuesday, February 25, 2014

13 Months

Dear Evan,
How is it possible that you are already 13 months old.  You are a mama's boy for sure.  You are quite attached to me, but you do like your daddy too:).  Hannah is still the one that can make you laugh the hardest.  She will do some really random things and you will just laugh with the biggest belly laugh.

You are always busy and constantly on the move.  You are working on walking, but still prefer to crawl.....it's still faster.
That doesn't stop you from climbing on everything.  I have to keep an eye on you at all times and even with that you manage to climb on things.  Some of your favorite things to climb on are Hannah's step stool and rocking chair, dishwasher and using drawers as steps (we need to make sure that absolutely everything is bolted to the wall).  We were at Jennifer's house the other day and I look over and you had climbed into a little toy shopping cart (at first I didn't believe that you did that on your own, but then you did it again while I was watching).

Standing on a suitcase about to pull the drawers open to get even higher
On a step stool emptying a drawer
On the rocking chair trying to open a door
Climbing in and out of our TV console

You love to close doors and now you can reach door handles and can open them if they open in, but you also fall in with the door when you do it.  You are good at climbing up the stairs, but you haven't figured out to go down backwards.....you go backwards for one or two steps and then you turn around and want to just go down on your belly.

You are obsessed with lids.  You will play forever with a coffee cup and lid, a pot and lid, a sippy cup with lid, a little jewelry box that has a lid ect.  You take the lid off and put it back on and repeat that for a very long time.

You are starting to copy behaviors and pretend to talk on the phone, brush your hair or teeth.

You are perfect the way you are (except for your sleeping)!

We love you!

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