Sunday, February 2, 2014

Wait And See

We talked to Evan's doctors this week and received some answers.  We are going to wait and see.  I was a little unsettled with these news at first, but now I am at peace and know it's the right decision.  At first I wanted different news and expected them to tell us how they are going to fix our little boy (even though I was terrified of surgery).  We still have a lot of questions and will meet with the doctor on the 13th, but we know that the plan is not to do anything right now.
Evan has been on blood pressure medication and his body responding good to that, so he is not considered to be at any risk right now.  We have to continue to get his blood pressure checked on a weekly basis.
The doctors found some scar tissue in his renal artery from the blood clot he had as an infant.  The scar tissue is restricting the blood flow to the kidney, but there is still a little bit of blood flow (they couldn't detect any at first on the ultrasound).  The hope is that as he grows the artery will grow and open up and allow more blood flow to the kidney and let it grow.  They can't stent the artery where the scar tissue is, so there is no reason for a risky surgery right now.  Unless his blood pressure rises again they will do another ultrasound in 6 months and see what the kidney looks like.  They may still need to do surgery at some point, but they would like for him to be a little bit older.

We were finally able to celebrate his first birthday this weekend with friends.  I will post some pictures next time.


  1. Precious. You'll be in my prayers! Happy belated birthday to Evan!

  2. He is absolutely precious! I'm continuing to keep y'all in my prayers! I hope y'all have a fabulous 1st birthday celebration! :)