Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hannah Funnies and Evan Update

I can't believe I haven't posted in so long.  I need to do an update on my two babies.

As you all know I think Hannah is hilarious.  I need to document some of the things she has recently said. 

We were getting ready for a birthday party and Hannah put a dress on and came in saying: "Don't I look beautiful and Evan looks so handsome".  Then she looked at me and said "I am not sure about you".  Thank you Hannah for your honesty. 

She is such a little princess (actually Queen Elsa now)

Scott is allergic to dogs and cats and Hannah knows that, so here is here suggestions: "I have an idea.  When daddy is at work we can get a kitty and then sweep everything off where the kitty went so daddy won't have to sneeze.  Would that work?"  After I explained to her that wouldn't work she had another suggestions: "I have a great idea.  How about we watch Jenny, Dave, Ben and Nathan's animals?  They can all go on a little date and we babysit them.  We can go for a walk with them, make dinner for them and give them a bath and then play games.  Then they go night night and we read them a story."  Sounds like a fun evening for the animals.

Evan was getting into something again and Hannah said "Mama look at what your son is doing again"

When we were on the beach in Florida Hannah wanted to catch a seagull and said "Mama if we are so quiet maybe we can catch one of those swans?"

"If daddy was on The Voice he would be really good" Hahahahahah!

"Let me tell you what".  I think that sounds like something grandpa Irv says.....

"You betcha I will"

"Mama you are genius.  How come I didn't think about that?"

Yesterday she went to art class and they made a peacock, but she is calling it a pecan.

Now on to Mr Evan.  I totally missed his 14th and 15th month update.  Oooops!

He really liked those ribs!

Evan has been really busy over the last few months.  He started walking full time right as he turned 14months old and he hasn't sat down since then.  I thought Hannah was busy, but he takes it to another level.  He is just busy all the time and never sits still.  Sometimes he just walks in circles.....he definitely keeps us busy and on our toes.  He still likes to climb on everything and has no fear.  He can open all doors in our house and that makes it hard to keep him out of anything.  He is quick to get away and I can usually find him in Hannah's bathroom on the step stool trying to get to her toothpaste.  He is obsessed with Hannah's toothpaste.  If he can't get the tube he will look for her toothbrush and just starts sucking on it.
Silly boy playing with daddy's wig....most of his pictures are blurry, because he doesn't sit still long enough

He likes to take his diaper off and then takes it to the toilet and wants to throw it in (he also likes to play in the toilet......we may need to invest in some of those toilet lid locks).  Every time he finds a headband or bow he puts it on his head and when he does he looks just like Hannah a that age.
He loves to eat, be outside and wrestle.  He can spend hours outside playing (we have to look front door and door to the garage all the time otherwise he will escape).  He all of a sudden became a great sleeper at night (I am not questioning what happened here, I am just going with it).

He has also caused us a lot of worry again.  His blood pressure has been on the rise and we haven't found the right dosage/medicine to get it under control.  His readings have been quite high (higher than adult should be) and it just makes me sick to my stomach.  We have had lots of conversations with the team in Little Rock and we just need to give it a little bit more time to hopefully get it under control with medications.  I learned to take his blood pressure at home and we do it twice a day, which can be very challenging.  He is such a sweet boy, but like mentioned before sitting still is not one of his strong points.  The doctor told us that he is not at any danger right now, but that we do need to get the blood pressure under control.  If they can't get it under control with 3 or less medications than they will have to consider doing surgery to remove the one bad kidney a lot sooner than planned.


  1. Thanks for the update! Will be praying for Evan's blood pressure to get under control. Hannah is a hoot! I want to hang out with her;-)

  2. I love it! So does Hannah's baby-sitting offer just extend to our animals or can she watch the boys too??? Ha!!
    I'm so sorry you're still trying to figure out his blood pressure. Praying that is resolved soon!!