Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Our Sweet Boy

Our sweet boy had to go back to the hospital again last week.  His blood pressure had been high for a while, so they wanted to observe him at the hospital.  They can go up on his medicine dose a lot quicker in the hospital when he is observed vs doing it at home.  They also did some lab tests, a heart ECHO and kidney ultrasound.  His overall kidney function looks good (thank God), but his right kidney still hasn't grown.  We don't know how much function that kidney has, but it hasn't shriveled up yet, so they believe that the kidney gets a little/sporadic blood flow.  This "bad" kidney is what is causing his blood pressure to be too high.  The blood pressure is under control for now and I am praying that it stays that way.  Next step would be to do a kidney function study, but they have to sedate him for that.  They are talking with the team now to figure out when they want to do that and what they would do depending on the outcome.  If the kidney has less than 15% function they would recommend to take it out.  They would like for him to be bigger to do that surgery, because it can then be done laparoscopic.  If the kidney has at least 15% function they would like to keep it as long as we can keep the blood pressure under control with 3 or less medications.  The heart ECHO looked good and the high blood pressure has not caused any thickening of the heart yet, which is great news.

Keeping an active boy busy in a hospital is not easy.
He is still so cute even in his hospital gown

This little boy keeps us busy all day long.  He never sits still (which is going to be an issue on our upcoming flight to Germany) and is always into something.  He loves to open and close doors and pull everything he can out of cabinets and drawers.  He is still quite the climber and carries Hannah's step stool to places he can't reach.
Caught again
This little boy loves to be outside and tries to escape any chance he gets.  We have to keep all doors locked and I know it won't be long before he can open the locks.
This is what a happy child looks like....playing in the dirt
A chocolate chip cookie in the car also makes for a happy child
I was getting him ready for his nap and he got away from me.  Here is where I found him......on the shelf of the TV cabinet in our room (TV and cabinet are bolted to the wall)
After our strawberry picking adventure a few weeks ago we stopped at this little burger joint in Pea Ridge and apparently Evan was really hungry.  He was trying to climb out of his high chair before we got our food, so I took him out and was going to take him outside to run around.  I put him on the ground and he ran over to the table next to us and stole a french fry from the ladies plate.  Thank goodness she thought it was funny too.  He was so fast!

Here are a couple of Hannah quotes related to her brother.  He was doing something he wasn't supposed to again and she said "Evan use your head man" or "You are killing me dude".

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