Thursday, August 28, 2014

Baby Belly Update

Well, the big update is that the belly keeps getting bigger!  We have about 10 weeks left.  I would like to say that it has gone by fast, but it really hasn't:).  I am still nauseous all of the time, which has made this a long pregnancy.  Baby is looking good and healthy though and that is the most important.  It has been fun not finding out the gender, but the bad part is that we have to come up with two names.  We are really struggling with that.  I know we will come to an agreement before baby is born!
Hannah is excited to meet her new sibling.  I do think she will be a little disappointed if it is not a sister:).Evan has no clue what is about to happen.  He just looks at me funny when I tell him that there is a baby in my belly.

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